Writer's Block: Operation Giggles
Oh laughter! How I adore thee. The following list is of the most hilarious
What always makes you laugh?
things that are existent- according to me at least.

- the total lack of motivation that fridays finally arrive with
- people who, for some absurd reson cannon communicate clearly through the phone. or in general! not by any means, venting, it just is that funny.
- the working class who expect too much- get over yourself.  you, me, working class, are not considered as much. or anything for that matter?

Writer's Block: Music of my heart
What’s that one song that always reminds you of the one that got away?

Or better yet... What is the song that you just know reminds him of the one who got away? You, being the one who got away.
There are plenty of those catchy and hurtful tunes; that he wishes would go in one ear and out the other, but truly, it is not so easy. The joyful moments were there, and though oblivion was to blame at one point, we both knew it was time, and you made sure cut me loose.
Now, you just wish I were there. "You thought you could tell Heaven from Hell..." How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl.."

The Alleged Itch
Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme, put it in the ideal words: "The bittersweet curse: an itch never able to be scratched... Nothing feels better than going home, nothing feels better than leaving home." And all this time I felt like there was something severely wrong with me for having polar extreme feelings in the place I love the most; one after another. It's restlessness, its exactly what is sounds like, "An itch never able to be scratched." We go desperately seeking the relief, going to extreme measures, but only a few of us are able to really figure out that there is nothing one can do, it is there for you to have something to look forward to, something you want to approach and later, something you want to run from. The only problem is that these two things are the same entity... how can you love and hate something at once? Or leave a space between the love and hate and eventually just love it, and then hate it?

We think, or at leas I think, that this new widget will relieve me from the alleged itch, but it only makes it stronger. The longer we go trying to itch it, the longer the itch will last.

Such a relief to find a diagnosis to this insatiable itch.

Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

Out of so many things that would benefit from being revised, changed and updated, the one thing that infuriates me is the educational system. How is it possible that someone with the drive, ambition and desire to study and thrive, not have the economic support from our country to succeed? Shouldn't they want us to be on top? One can think... The system lacks organzation and common sense. Why is acceptable for foreing people to come into our country and eventually start milking our system from benefits that belong to U.S. citizens primarily? I am all for equality- and that is why I nag about me not qualifying for financial aid, fee waivers, ect, but then someone from oversees comes, they stay, and get all these amenities! Not ok. If we were all able to qualify, I'd be all for it! Everyone should be welcome to receive them as long as the drive is there. I hate seeing my tax money to go use to women that are insatiable- child after child. To the government that has a nasty habit to gamble with it., the city workers who sit around pretending to be cutting down trees, to the cops who waste their time pulling people over when the real theath is far form the obvious.
As as aspiring student, it frustrates me that I have this burning ambition to move forward, yet my ideal education will cost me 40k. I made it though Jr. college without a dime from the governament- Fafsa after Fafsa was filled out, year after year. I paid my way through with my humble earnings as a hostess and waitress, and of oourse I was fortunate enough to be living with my parents at the time. The crunch is on now- time is ticking and I need to get my brain and my nose in subscription books again. Nonetheless, Dear Government, please help us move forward, we do not want our generation to be broke and lacking intellectual stimulation just because you make it so hard for us to get to a respectable place.


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